Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Easy Crab Fly

Easy Crab Fly tied by Capt. Matt Wirt.
Ingriedient list:
Hook: Mustad 3407 1/0
Body: 7/8" Crab coins from Mud Hole Tackle, rubber legs, marabou
Eyes: Bead Chain Eyes
Click below to view the video!


matt said...

Thank you kindly, Capt! It's generous of you to produce and post these clips. I fish the gulf coast just north of Cedar Key, FL, particularly the back of coastal creeks where reds and trout pile-in during winter. I've found side-to-side darting, suspending twitchbaits (Mirrolure TT) to be effective on spinning gear. Any ideas to mimick this action with a fly?

sea life said...

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Dustin's Fly Box said...

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